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mjbrown 19-02-2006 03:18 PM

Brand new Nokia 9300 with old firmware
I have just bought a brand new Nokia 9300 (English version) from (I live in France). I am very pleased with the phone except that it has firmware version 4.53(00) 22-12-2004 RAE-6. As I understand it the latest firmware version is firmware version 5.22 was released in July 2005.

1. Is my experience of buying a new Nokia 9300 with old firmware 'par for the course' or should Expansys make sure the phone has the latest firmare before sending it out?

2. What's involved in getting the firmare upgraded to 5.22 and is there any problem in getting it done in France given that my 9300 is a UK version with a QWERTY keyboard...?

Would welcome feedback on the above.

Tomahawk 24-02-2006 08:57 PM

I went through this with my 2nd 9500 - also bought from expansys. I have no proof but it seems that expansys keep their prices low these days by buying up excess stock sloshing around in the "system" at discounted prices and then passing that (or some of it ) on to the customer. I was fortunate in that neither phone was quite in "new" condition - no protective plastic across the exterior screen and some minor scratches above the outside screen. expansys supplied me two different phones, both similar condition and couldn't supply me one with new firmware. We agreed to give it up and they refunded all my costs and I bought elsewhere (India as it turned out) with the latest firmware. I concluded (rightly or wrongly) that they may also be buying "unused/unwanted" returns (knowingly or unknowingly) and selling those on as new. Service provided was excellent except that they didn't seem to be able to supply a recent phone.

Firmware upgrade would be straightforward in the UK - take it to any service centre and they should be able to sort it out. I can't comment on what would happen in France - may not be a problem for a service centre to get the upgrade firmware. One caveat - I recall that people have reported that phones upgraded to 5.22 sometimes appear not to work as well as before they upgrade. Given that 4.53 seemed to be reliable out the box, it is questionable whether it is worth the risk of ugrading. If you can find a reason to return the phone to expansys for a refund, it may be worth buying elsewhere - you may have to pay more though. It may be worth checking expansys' return policy.

mjbrown 28-02-2006 09:31 AM

Thank you for your helpful reply. I have been using the 9300 for 2 weeks now and am very pleased with it so I think I'll stick with it and the 4.53 firmware for now. I looked at a list of what's in 5.22 and don't think I need any of it at the moment...I guess that remains to be seen as I use the phone more. My only frustration is that It's missing some psion revo fucntionality - especially synchronisation of contacts - but on the other hand it works and my revo synchronisation was very unreliable.

Emilyroggers 30-06-2010 11:18 AM

The Nokia 9300 is a Nokia Series 80 Symbian Smartphone introduced in 2005. It is used as a normal though bulky mobile phone in closed mode, when it is flipped open it can be used like a very small notebook computer with a third-SVGA screen. Its prices in India is 25229.00.

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