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nbriscoeuk 15-01-2011 01:59 PM

Nokia CC-1005 Silicone Case
I was persuaded by the recent AAS post about this product to purchase one. They're 10.16 from mobile fun, but a mere 5 from Amazon which is where I purchased mine from.

Ordered it yesterday. Its eligable for free delivery. Selecting that option the estimated delivery date was next Thursday, but it was on the doormat this morning.

I think the estimate must be for the time taken to break into the packaging. :)

Anyway, fits the phone like a glove. Excellent product.


MontyN95 15-01-2011 03:26 PM

Yep really nice case. I've got the blue and black one and I much prefer the black one. I do feel it gets a bit slack after a while tho!

jimini78 15-01-2011 11:51 PM

I ordered the black one from for 4.99 the other day, looking forward to it arriving.
The blue one is only 3.99 with delivery.

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