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jsneer 17-03-2007 12:07 PM

N80 Phone Start Up Failed
Yes, like many other people I installed the software update and upon completion was issued with 'Phone Start-up failed. Contact the retailer.'

I've also searched and searched various forums.

I've turned on the phone holding down *, 3 & green and not a thing happens.

Please coudl someone sugget what I may be doing wrong?

I spent 200 on this phone not very long ago and it started to go wrong which was why I tried the software update. It's my first Nokia in 6 years and I am far from impressed.

I don't care about losing anything which is on the phone so could anybody help me? I really don't want to take it in to a repair centre.


nj7 17-03-2007 04:48 PM

It can happens, and when is the case, the solution is real that one, contact a Nokia Service.

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