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Bigfeat 28-04-2003 09:42 PM

P800 Service Center in the US - IMPORTANT!!!!!
This is an FYI for all P800 users in the US (Warning some venting is present in this post!!). I posted a while back about a bad experience with the service center in Chanhassen, MN USA. Here's a recap of my experience. I called the service center last week to inquire about my phone status. They then noted that the phone was going to be replaced by a new phone with an upgraded firmware due to the fact that they do not have the capability of flashing P800s yet. At any rate, when I asked what the upgrade was I was told R1D - phone and R1G for Organizer. Well I was upset that they told me just a week before that I would be getting the latest firmware because they just got it in. Moreover, I was upset by the fact that they were going to send me a replacement phone that didn't even include the latest firmware. I argued with a supervisor about how I spent money to ship the phone out and was without it and they weren't doing the job. I later argued that I didn't want a replacement and that I wanted my original phone back. She was upset at that point and said "Ok we will ship your phone back to you"...

4-28-03; I just received my phone. I looked at it and noticed the screen protector and realized it was my personal phone. However, when I turned on the phone all of my info was gone. Also, there was a letter stating that the latest firmware was upgraded on the phone. I was shocked because according to the supervisor at the service center the techs didn't touch the phone, but simply was going to replace it. I was curious as to why it was tampered or why that letter was included and decided to check the firmware revision for the heck of it.. Guess what; it was R2D - phone and R2A16 - organizer. What the hell!!! I almost pulled my hair out from this conversation with the supervisor that said they would replace the phone because they didn't have capabilities of flashing the phones yet, but moreover only had R1D as their latest release. She had me on hold for at least 20 minutes total of confirming this info during that conversation....

This is what I have learned from this.. I did call them after my initial conversation with the supervisor and found out that the (651) phone # is simply a Call Center and that they have no direct interaction with the Tech Service guys. In fact they are not even in the same town. So my previous post remains correct. The service center reps are COMPLETE MORONS!!! I read a post on this board that stated that they were told that R1D was the latest release as well... Being that I had the conversation with the supervisor on 4-23-03 and the phone was shipped out on 4-23-03 they couldn't have just gotten that upgrade within the 1 hour they had left before closing. Moreover, they couldn't have figured out how to flash the units either. So I'm not sure if the replacement that I would have gotten would have had the R2D upgrade. Furthermore, there is a communication gap between customers and the service techs. That's because the service center reps continue to misinform customers due to their ignorance. Its a shame that a supervisor woud spend a total of 45min on the phone with an angry customer and have no clue as to what is going on.. I plan on calling the center and ask to speak to her directly to inform her that somehow I got the upgrade which she said they didn't have and also got an upgrade to a phone that she said they didn't touch because they didn't have the tools to do it... Beware guys... Take your chances and just ship it to the center for Free. There's a couple other 3rd party companies doing it, but they charge a $25 fee. This however only cost me the shipping fees. I will write corporate to inform them of this blantant flaw in their service center customer service center.

29-04-2003 02:39 AM

could you post the phone number and/or address for this service center, I would love to upgrade my phone. I don't understand why SE keeps telling me there is no upgrade yet for the p800.

29-04-2003 02:40 AM

could you post the phone number and/or address for this service center, I would love to upgrade my phone. I don't understand why SE keeps telling me there is no upgrade yet for the p800.

Bigfeat 29-04-2003 03:46 PM

Call the main US SE center first: 800-374-2276. They issue the reference numbers for service. Don't bother asking the service center questions once you get the ref #. They will misinform you. Just ship your phone in to them.

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