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chinquie 26-03-2007 05:49 PM

N80 Upgrade To N80ie
please leave feed back

:) The easyest way to do it to this is the change the product code on the phone with nss, then go to nokia's web sitie download the upgradIng software and upgrade.. YES ITS THAT EASY,
See what happends is that nokia software reads the product code and installs the upgrade thats for that phone,
so what you wanna do is fool it by changing the product code. so it thinks it should give you the latest upgrade for your nokia N80ie

to do this u can downoad nss: Nemesis Service Suite

WARNING : DONT WORK WELL WITH WINDOWS VISTA but if you use the classic theme on windows vista it will work...


Product codes

Here are the product codes for both APAC and EMEA N80 Internet Edition

N80 Internet Edition Rm-92 APAC

0539367 HONG KONG Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539857 TAIWAN Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539858 APAC 1 Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0539859 APAC 1 Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539910 THAILAND Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540588 AUSTRALIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540589 INDIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540654 NEW ZEALAND Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540779 PHILIPPINES Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540782 INDONESIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540783 THAILAND Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540839 APAC 1 Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540841 THAILAND Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540843 AUSTRALIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540845 NEW ZEALAND Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540859 INDONESIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540860 PHILIPPINES Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540861 INDIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540862 PHILIPPINES Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540863 INDIA Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540864 AUSTRALIA Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540865 NEW ZEALAND Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540866 INDONESIA Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0541538 TAIWAN Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0541542 HONG KONG Smooth Stainless Internet Edition

N80 Internet Edition Rm-92 EMEA

0539362 ALPS Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540868 ALPS Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542289 BALKANS Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0543252 BALKANS Pearl Black Internet Edition
0541428 BALTIAN Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0541440 BALTIAN Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542808 CIS, BULGARIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542811 CIS, BULGARIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0538301 EURO 1 Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0539363 EURO 1 Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539548 EURO 2 Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0539712 EURO 2 Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539473 EURO 3 Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0544109 EURO 3 Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539646 FRANCE Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540867 FRANCE Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542814 GREECE, CYPRUS Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542816 GREECE, CYPRUS Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539672 GULF Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542489 GULF Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539673 ISRAEL Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0514757 ISRAEL Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542487 LEBANON Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542488 LEBANON Pearl Black Internet Edition
0514753 MOLDAVIA, BELARUS Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0514755 MOLDAVIA, BELARUS Pearl Black Internet Edition
0514751 ROMANIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0514752 ROMANIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539652 RUSSIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542699 RUSSIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539648 SCANDINAVIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0541439 SCANDINAVIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542490 SOUTH AFRICA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542525 SOUTH AFRICA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539897 TURKEY Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0541690 TURKEY Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542703 UKRAINE Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542810 UKRAINE Pearl Black Internet Edition


Cash 26-03-2007 07:24 PM

WOW ...I didnt know that ;).....

chinquie 09-04-2007 11:01 AM

this works for must nokia phones

flomas 10-04-2007 05:51 PM

I was with a problem, I bought a N80 phone in Philipines and then went to Latin America, then I need to write SMS in Spanish but the phone doesn't have the language and from Nokia official support they say that there is no way to add a language, but I was thinking, if I change my phone code to Europe 1, that I know that have spanish, and try to use the NSU maybe it will overwrite my firmware and get the spanish language to my phone?? What do you think??

bbracer16valver 10-04-2007 06:33 PM

wooooooow does it really work :tongue:

o yea i done loadsa n80 - n0ie also n70 - n70me :icon14: :icon14: :icon14:

chinquie 11-04-2007 04:43 PM

:icon14: that should work just remember to back up before u do anything,

mcb00f 12-04-2007 02:42 AM

I can also confirm it works and it is that easy. I have a network branded n80ie which didnt think it needed the new firmware (4.07) so I used the method above to flash it to the generic and have now updated successfuly to 4.07.

chinquie 30-04-2007 11:05 AM

feel free to leave feed back....or ask question

KevinR 30-04-2007 01:36 PM

So what product code do you use for the UK? Do you just use a Euro code?

chinquie 30-04-2007 02:34 PM

I'm using : 0539363

terrorist 01-05-2007 03:50 PM

I changed my product code but when i go to upgrade it from "Nokia Software Updater" it tells me that is already upgraded.

Is that because 2 weeks ago I upgraded it with my old product code?

What I should do? Flash it?

chinquie 02-05-2007 07:37 PM

The newest version on the n80ie is : v 4.0707.0.7 date:28/03/07

if you changed the code then it would do automaticly.. won't recommend flashins as i havent had much success with it , but you can always try if works please let me know....

terrorist 04-05-2007 12:35 PM

Now I understand.

I have this version you have said. I upgraded it when my product code was N80. I thought that wasn't an N80ie but when I read and the other topic I understand that Nokia upgrade all the N80 and N80ie to the same version. Right?

chinquie 05-05-2007 03:48 PM

no they dont .lol . thats why you change the product code so that you dont get the n80 must resent update but the n80ie .

terrorist 06-05-2007 08:35 AM

yes.. but why I have the folder named "Internet" ? Does it mean that I have N80ie ?

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