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Davescot 24-04-2010 01:38 PM

X6 v20 firmware
Just wondering why there's been no mention of this on AAS, anyone know what the changes are? Haven't updated mine yet.

loopyludo 27-04-2010 05:19 PM

Updated including a debrand earlier today, so far I have had a couple of browser crashes and a picture gallery crash on pages that were fine on v12

kontraband 19-05-2010 08:49 AM

kinetic scrolling / browser update to 7.2. Other performance improvements should be received too as its a big file.

Nokia Software Update News page says

"This software release provides performance improvements, including enhanced touch screen usability for scrolling through menus. This release includes updated versions of several applications, such as Maps 3.0 with Share location feature, Browser, and Ovi Store. There are also improvements to the Nokia Messaging, Ovi sync, and Ovi Music applications."

Not seen an official changelog but look at the following from various websites who all reference S60Inside:

Browser 7.2
Flash Video Phase-3 – Flashlite 3.1.7.x
Gimlet Touch 2.2
Kinetic scrolling in Appshell (Menu grid)
OVI Sync 2.0
Enable Side lock Key functionality during Swipe UI (Calendar/Clock alarm)
Windows 7 Device Stage Support
OVI store 1.5.6
IAD Auto polling
Quick Office v4.2
OVI Music
Cherry v2.1
Rihanna service launcher
OVI contacts 1.50.8
Workaround for Niagara (SMD) display module for DFS52.50 based products

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