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NocturnalOne 01-05-2012 02:17 PM

5800 not staying connected over USB during map download

lately I've been having problems keeping my 5800 connected in PC Suite mode for map downloads. I've already resorted to using mass storage mode (or pulling the microsd card and driving it directly) for large music updates but that is not an option for the maps.

What's happening is that Nokia suite (latest version) sees the 5800 and I queue whatever maps I want. While it's downloading and installing all of a sudden Nokia Suite will say something like 'phone must be connected to download maps' even though at the bottom the 5800 still shows connected.

Earlier I had similar trouble updating music using MediaMonkey in PC Suite mode. It would be in the middle of copying music and then stall.

Any ideas how to resolve this? My host PC is a fast W7 x64 box.



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