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rickpaul 13-08-2003 06:49 PM

New Firmware for the P800: R2D02
A new firmware came out for the P800.

This is only for the US English version. I will have more details on this firmware after we play around with it today.

I wonder when C3P00 will come out?

Firmware version corresponds with the Organizer version. As you will see, there was never a firmware package called R1D or R2D. There were quite a few firmware packages containing R1D phone and R2D phone. The phone firmware part of the phone is pretty stable and may change the least. I believe the list looks something like:

- Phone R1A
- Bluetooth R2C

- Phone R1B
- Bluetooth R2C
- Bug Fixes and/or improvements

- Phone R1D
- Bluetooth R2C
* Important audio bugfix for bluetooth headsets
- Bug Fixes and/or improvements

- Phone R1D
- Bluetooth R2C
- Bug Fixes and or improvements
* Phone would shut of and not load back up after all internal memory was used up. This was fixed.
- First Firmware included with US Phones.

- Phone R2D
- Bluetooth R5A
- User Enhancements
* MP3 player in phone mode
* Ability to select multiple files
* Full screen pictures
* Full screen video
* Ability to zoom into pictures with higher resolution and move them around
* New screen saver
* Camera Mute
* Camera Night Mode
- Bug Fixes and improvements

- Phone R2D for North America
- Phone R2F elsewhere
- Bluetooth R5A
- GPRS Crash fix
- Bug Fixes and improvements

R2D02 (August 13, 2003)
- Phone R2D for North America
- Bluetooth R5A
- CDA Generic R5A

katsj 14-08-2003 02:27 PM

I upgraded my firmware to R2D02 but till now no differences can be seen. I suspect its just a minor bug fixing firmware version and nothing more than that. I am really disappointed!!! Video fps are still awfully low on full screen and the SMS delivery report cant be configured to stay on. :-?

Nosferatu 14-08-2003 02:29 PM

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