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GhostDog 17-05-2004 01:34 PM

PicoDrive for Series 60 Released!
AnotherGuest has released an early beta of PicoDrive - the Sega Mega Drive emulator.It needs to be installed on the MMC and ROMS need to be stored in the root of any drive - C:\ or E:\ .Some things like key configuration might not work and it might crash more then once but what more can you expect from a Beta?PicoDrive S60 is attached.

Latest is PicoDrive S60 build 152,version 0.16

Changes in build 103:

* Right colours in 16bit mode.
* Flipped mode.. (press '9' to activate back and forth).
* Reconfigure keys.. (press '8' to configure'.. follow on screen instructions)
* Added DSA support (pressing application button might crash the whole thing).But should speed things up.
* Might have activated multiple button support. So that should make it playable. (i.e jump and run at the same time).
* Pressing 9 will flip the screen, 8 will reconfigre keys. after pressing 8, press up, down, left, right, b,c,a,start to configure those buttons.

Changes in build 973:

*Exit emulator pressing 'C' button (clear button that is)
*Save keyconfig & screen orientation
*Runs from any drive you might choose (that is should work for 7650 users now).
*Simple filebrowser added. No way to go up a directory but you should be able to organise your roms a little bit better.
*Clipping of blitted images. Portrait should be a littlebit faster as the blit is smaller.
*Able to return to emulator from the main app at least once.
*Removed some crashes regarding to the DSA.
*Using Daves latest PICO backend.

This build only works on the Nokia 7650 but i'm pretty sure we can expect a fix for al the other Series 60 devices pretty soon.
Build 973 will work in installed on C:\.Problem is fixed in build 180.

Changes in build 213:

* Added 12 color bit depth CRAM routine. This should make 12 bit devices update a bit faster.
* Added a menu to Load Rom, Configure keys and set Screen modes. Press 'C' button to swap between the emulator and the menu
* Added closing of starter app when exe dies.
* Added another rotate fullscreen mode, so you n-gage owners dont have any thumbs in the way.
* Added CompressAllHeaps before loading the ROM. That means that a basic 3650 can load 2mb roms straight off without any problems.

Changes in build 213:

* New aspect ratios in order to improve gameplay for N-Gage users.

Changes in build 196:

*Save/Load state
*Removed default keys, so only the ones you configure are used(default set configured as previous)
*Added go up level in directory navigation.

Changes in build 116,version 0.11:

* Support for zipped ROMS
* Recomendations: Store 1 smd/bin file in to each zip. It will load the first smd/bin file in the zip it will find.

Changes in build 137,version 0.12:

* Last rom location persisted.
* Added support for 32 column mode (removes the black borders in Street Fighter 2 Turbo etc).
* Some other small fixes.
* Added filtering of files, so only .bin,.smd & .zip files are displayed in the listings.

Changes in build 133,version 0.13

* DSA is back.
* Preliminary Sound support for games using the 68K processor.No Z80 emulation.
* In order for sound to work,you need to uninstall the previons version of PicoDrive an maybe delete the its .INI files.

Changes in build 106,version 0.14

* Added volume control
* DSA tweaking
* Improved performance and stability

Changes in build 152,version 0.16

* Diagonal keys support
* New version of GCC (should run a little bit faster)

PicoDrive S60
PicoDrive S60 build 269
PicoDrive S60 build 201
PicoDrive S60 build 103
PicoDrive S60 build 973
PicoDrive S60 build 180
PicoDrive S60 build 119
PicoDrive S60 build 213
PicoDrive S60 build 196
PicoDrive S60 build 116.Version 0.11
PicoDrive S60 build 137.Version 0.12
PicoDrive S60 build 133.Version 0.13
PicoDrive S60 build 106.Version 0.14
PicoDrive S60 build 152.Version 0.16

Pawel Warsaw 17-05-2004 03:31 PM

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Rafe 17-05-2004 03:45 PM

The server is on US time. You can set time to local (in the forum) by registering a username and setting a preference.

There's no deliberate attempt to make people think we're first. There wouldn't really be a lot of point would there?

Ewan 17-05-2004 03:56 PM

We're not going to NOT post news just because it's been on My-Symbian, likewise My-Sy isn't going to stop posting becausee AAS is carrying the news. Unless you'd all ike us to work that way...

GhostDog 17-05-2004 04:18 PM

I hate when this happens,wonderful news and all people can think about is post dates? :( BTW:In one of my previous post about PicoDrive UIQ i posted a link to my-symbian(maybe i shold've posted here too)but there was no use since my-symbian doesn't alow non-members/anonymous/guest readers.A large portion of our readers are guests.

Back to the original subject.I've tried Aero Blasters,Shinobi 3 - Return of the Ninja Master,Simpsons, The - Bart vs The Space Mutants,Sonic the Hedgehog and they all work great.The framerate is amazing!I believe the emulator doesn't use frameskip.All we need now is for the key configuration dialog to work!(Probably in the next version)

Big thanks to AnotherGuest for another execelent piece of software!

subbie 17-05-2004 05:45 PM

Anybody have contact info for AG?

It would be nice to offer a little help to fix a few things (ie Full screen, multiple buttons and a small button bug causing it to sometime think I press back when I didn't).

Kyuro 17-05-2004 05:59 PM

Man. now we just need a Snes emulator and my life with this phone will be complete (well not with the ngage but 6600 but ya get the idea) time to test it out now :)

r1chyluke 17-05-2004 06:06 PM

i agree a snes emulator would be great, super mario kart on my phone a true classic :) but just testing this and first game i must test if i can find it legally is sonic 2 :)

Kyuro 17-05-2004 10:37 PM

I just tried a number of ROMS for the megadrive, but none of them worked. the image was distorted (broken up by white lines sequentially. i would screenshot it but Fexplorer was playing up a bit). So maybe the 6600 and Series 60 2.0 is not supported? Can anyone else confirm if this is working for them on their 6600?

millski 17-05-2004 10:39 PM


Originally Posted by GhostDog
Back to the original subject.I've tried Aero Blasters,Shinobi 3 - Return of the Ninja Master,Simpsons, The - Bart vs The Space Mutants,Sonic the Hedgehog and they all work great.The framerate is amazing!I believe the emulator doesn't use frameskip.All we need now is for the key configuration dialog to work!(Probably in the next version)

Well I've tried unsuccesfully to get Streets of Rage and Road Rash running on my 6600 :( This is (for me) the most exciting s60 development since GoBoy, much kudos to AG, especially if anyone can fix my problem ;) all I get is a white screen with thin black lines running vertically across it, the game playing (but almost un-seeable) in the background. I'm running 3.42 firmware btw, or whatever number original firmware is :D

Kyuro 17-05-2004 10:44 PM

i have the same problem :-/ might be a firmware thing?

GhostDog 17-05-2004 10:51 PM

This version of PicoDrive has been compiled using the 0.9 version of the SDK so it should even work with the 7650 but there might be problems with the 6600.

Job 18-05-2004 08:50 AM

Thanks AG , you are the man!!

I can't believe the framerate for a first BETA!!

Even plays my all time favourite Ghouls n Ghosts

Just one slight problem (I'm sure you're working on it) you can't jump and move at the same time, so you can't actually get past the first tombstone, but it's glorious anyway.
With framerate like this maybe sound would be possible, if you pulled that off, you should be working for SEGA.

I'm using the N-Gage, and haven't seen any graphic glitches, several games have sprites missing...Truxto/Hellfire but every handheld Megadrive emulator I've seen does that.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Job 18-05-2004 09:45 AM

By the way Ghosty, not having a go but you are very keen to stamp out illegal N-Gage cracking, phone unlocking, but you have changed the tune a bit on pinching roms off the net to play Megadrive games.
I know you could have the originals,but copying them and even making the emulator is technically copyright violation.

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