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Mindfucker 30-11-2009 12:28 PM

E71 update fail

english is not my first language, so I apologise if anything is not clear. i am keen to explain further if needed.
I am not sure what's the difference between firmware and software, so sorry if anything is incorrect. I assume that they both are the same, and they mean the operating system of the phone(not the applications).

the phone was restarting itself
can't update the firmware.

so, we're dealing with:
E71-1 (311.02) (whatever that means).
Current version of the software updater is 1.8.10.en

Info coppied from PC suite:
PC Connectivity Solution:


Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver:


Operating system:

Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Edition, Service Pack 3

Language: English

Language for non-Unicode programs: Русский

Detected Internet browsers:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (Default browser)

- Mozilla Firefox 3.0

Detected Bluetooth stacks:

- Microsoft (Version: 5.1.2600, Build: 5512)

the phone was bought last january and i do not recall updating the firmware.
phone had glitches, like restarting itself, or just stucking, and you have to restart it.

i thought that the problem might be that, firmware has got bugs, so i wanted to update it.

i've connected phone to the pc via USB, in PC suite mode and tried to update firmware using "Update phone software" button, it loaded Software updater which was telling, that in order to update phones software the updater itself must be updated first. so i've tried to update it first, and it would stuck at the very end it would give me the message saying that i can not connect. message also included this phrase: If requested by your firewall, Nokia Software Updater needs the following applications to gain access to the internet:
nsu_ui_client.exe the message was saying that reasons could be internet connection, or the firewall. i know that the internet is ok, so i've tried shutting down the firewall. it was giving me the same message.

so i've downloaded the install of software updater manually, of nokia's site.
tried to install it, and i've succeeded. then i've ran the firmware update using Nokia Software Updater(NSU). it was all going good, but the phone started disconecting from usb numerous of times, and finally NSU offered me to remove battery, power cable, usb then plug them back in, pres power button reinstall NSU and restart computer. i've tried that (the whole process few times and it didn't changed the thing).

i've tried reinstalling everything. please, help me

Mindfucker 30-11-2009 12:31 PM

friend told me that it can be because of the operator tying the phone to itself, and recommended using NSS to fix this.

i have no idea how to use it.

dserodio 30-11-2009 06:31 PM

The firmware is the software that is stored on the phone's NVRAM (non-volatile RAM). It includes the OS (Operating System) and accompanying applications.

Try following these instructions for updating.

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