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uzzors2k 10-04-2005 12:11 PM

Disappearing Icons
Whenever I add stuff to my n-gage with a usb cable, most of the icons for my apps disappear, this even happens sometimes when my phone is just left turned on for a few hours. :frown: I thought that I could just use a file manager to open the programs but its gone too! The icons come back after I restart my phone, but this is still inconveient. What is wrong with my phone/memorycard? (I'm using a Kingston 128mb memorycard)

N/A 10-04-2005 01:02 PM

When you are accessing the memory card, it is locked for other programs/processes to access & apps showing in the menu that have been installed on the memory card are not visible. It also happens if you start playing MP3's off the memory card. If you disconnect (or stop the MP3 player), they should reappear (without having to restart the phone).

uzzors2k 10-04-2005 01:22 PM

Didn't work. :frown: Any other suggestions? :)

uzzors2k 10-04-2005 07:34 PM

Just remembered that I have never formatted my MMC :o , so I formatted it now, and viola, my icons are back! :D Haven't tried restarting yet, but I assume it will still work then anyway.

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