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andreas81 06-09-2009 02:58 PM

6710 navigator VS e72.
Hi guys.

I am still keeping my head cool here with buying my new smartphone, and so far have had my eyes fully fixed on the e72. However recently the navigator 6710 was released, and after having checked it out today in a store I must say that one also appeals to me alot too.

Anyway... I have read up alot on the specs regarding the 6710 navigator, but as far as I can tell it's *very* similar in terms of performance, when comparing to the e72. Both have a 600mhz ARM 11 cpu, same version of the OS and feature pack etc. In fact the only thing I can really find that differs them the most, is the keyboard and the amount of RAM.

The 6710 obviously has a standard keyboard whereas the e72 has a full qwerty. The 6710 unfortunately also has much less RAM, just 50MB according to the specs, while the e72 comes with 128. On the other hand I did try the phone out today, and it definitely seemed fast in the interface and gallery parts, so I guess the RAM shouldnt be an issue. Oh and the 6710 also has a bigger display, 2.6", which appeals to me a great deal.

Basically, what I am wondering is if I am missing some kind of information regarding what the 6710 can't do, that the e72 can. For example, in terms of installing new programs and stuff, is it in any way limited comparing to the e72 (or e71 for that matter)?

Any other area I am missing when comparing these phones? Mostly, something that the 6710 can't do but the e-series phones can?

Very grateful for input guys, I'd hate it if I decided on the 6710, bought it, and then found out it was lacking in some aspect that I hadn't thought of.

Thanks in advance.

// Andreas

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