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navendukumar 24-10-2010 12:23 PM

when I install epocware software dont open
Dear sir
Pl ease help me with solution since last couple of months whenever I try to install anysoftware of epocware Like handy task man On my e90 etc it gets install but when I try to open the software it show blank and it menu does not come also I have flashed the phone twice at Nokia service center and also I feel because of this My battery gets drain In one day before that I use to easy run for 2 days I am really helppless Please some body help me with solution and also I have done deep format and also upgraded the software But nothing works

Please some body Hlep me with near by solution would be thankful

Schluntzs 25-04-2012 04:22 AM

i had searched it from google which shows some sites providing it but there is a problem of registration & credit card which i dont have.

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