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Nokia_fan 18-01-2011 10:06 PM

Data recovery on internal memory of nokia 6630
Hi to all,
I have 3 questions to ask on data recovery for nokia 6630:

1. I have a nokia 6630 and I took some pictures and videos with the phone's camera. I think most if not all of these are on the memory card. Thing is, I lost the memory card, but still have the phone. Is there a way to retrieve the pictures that were onb the card, since the pictures were taken using the phone's camera?

2. Also, Im not sure if I had some of these pictures saved to the phone's internal memory, but are now deleted. Can I retrive these deleted images and videos from the phone's memory. It has 8mb internal memory. I have tried with multiple data recovery programs but the problem is that when I connect the nokia 6630 to the pc through usb, it doesnt get recognised like a drive, so all the data recovery programs I tried dont see it as a drive that they are able to scan. I am reading about people saying you need to use an API called RrawDisk that can enables direct access to the disk, and also about SDKs, and something called Logging Flash FS.

3. I know this may sound stupid but, can images and videos be recovered from the SIM card? Thanks to anyone who replies. Sorry for the long post.

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