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dk206 04-02-2009 12:22 AM

n-gage 2.0 WORKING ON N80
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YES finally after 1day of researching and 1 day of dev

i Finally Managed to get N-gage 2.0 on my N80 IE !!!! :icon14:

I'll put up a new post with screenshots! and maybe a vid if you guys really want one :D

I have managed to get all (inc Metal Gear Solid Mobile, Resident Evil Degeneration, Systems Rush, Fifa 08 *fully working* _ meaning no lag no loading issues :D)

except Fifa 2009...haven't figured that out yet.

Also as you can see the game size IS different. :frown:
Not the standard which the N-gage 2.0 is based on, 320x240, we have 352x416 (which i still don't understand why Nokia degraded back to it...)

Therefore I can't (yet) get the game working on Fullscreen on our N80
(I am trying)

If anyone has tips or thoughts plz reply!

(N80 forum is dying man....We get 103224 views..and 4~10 replies lol.... >.>)

muymuy_04 22-01-2010 09:04 AM

hi, i got N80 ie fone too, can you teach me how you do it? i tried ngage_1.01 build, i tried a lot of its version but it didnt work, can you teach me? share your blessing! hehe, thank you

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