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dlahoud 01-02-2010 06:07 AM

Flash Video on SkyFire
which is the best phone to get for watching flash movies with skyfire.
im in canada so only 850/1900 hsdpa phones

So far ive tried it on 2 different phones (not the new e series) which did not make the cut and i would like to know if anyone here has watched flash movies on a new e series with the 600MHZ processor and had better results than me?

the xperia X1 (Windows)was VERY choppy and not a very watchable experience although the resolution was nice. That is with 530MHZ processor and 256 ram. However it has the 800-480 resolution which i think would be more hardware demanding
so thats why it was running like 2-4 fps

the N86 was much much better With 434MHZ and only 75MB RAM. i didnt mind the qvga resolution its not so bad.
the issue is it runs between 5-10 fps which is watchable but the hardware is obviously struggling as the FPS goes up and down and sometimes it skips or freezes for a second repetedly. its very hit and miss.

i guess the QVGA resolution helps the preformance alot since the n86 is better at flash videos then the x1 with way lower specs, thats why im considering buying a 600MHZ E series.

so again anyone used a e72, e52, e55, device and had "PC like" framerates watching flash on Skyfire browser? or on any other phone for that matter?

OR do you think its not the processor thats the issue, its just the ram and any of the S60 phones with 128MB of ram will do the trick?

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