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Roberto 28-03-2003 07:09 PM

Software compatibility & new Communicator
Ok, there are many topics in this forum about the new Nokia Communicator, with high-tech hardware specifications.

But what are about software compatibility with the Nokia 92xx series ?

Which do you prefer :

I) a new Communicator compatible with the Nokia 92xx softwares (without recompiling). The microprocessor has to be the same, but can be faster. The screen size can have a greater area (640 x 240 pixels, for example), so the majority of the old software will use it partially, etc. After some time, software versions better adapted to use the new features would be released;

II) or a really new Communicator totally incompatible (processor type, screen size, etc), beginning with 0 softwares available ?

In the world of Psion Series 5 (18 MHz, 640 x 240 pixels), Series 5MX (36 MHz, idem), Revo (36 MHz, 480 x 160), Series 7 (133 MHz, 640 x 480 x 256 colors) and other machines, due to the use of the same processor (family) and almost the same hardware, many applications were compatible to all machine types. Some of the softwares needed specific versions to deal with color and screen size, consequently the developer work was small. The final result of this tactics : some thousands of softwares for the Psion family (> 2.000 apps).

I think that Nokia can make a new Communicator with more features from the Psion Series 5MX (an incredible palmtop computer) : better keyboard (or at least the Revo keyboard), 640 x 240 (or 320), 16 or 32 MB of RAM, more font sizes (with smaller font sizes available to read more information in the screen), etc. But maintaining the software compatibility with Nokia 92xx machines.

Best regards,


TheSpecialBoy 28-03-2003 08:29 PM

well, This is an open issue.. I already said what i want.

Compatible or not, I want it better

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