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malcolmlau 20-05-2011 08:32 AM

OVI store and app installation
Been trying to download new apps onto my E7 over wifi.

Haven't used the OVI store for years, as I have been playing with the Android market which is fast to navigate and download.

However, I have noticed that the OVI store is pig slow to navigate and apps take ages to install.

I can't understand why it is such a slow experience compared to Android Market.

And as for the installation, I am guessing the E7 is not the power beast we are led to believe as apps can take 30 mins to install. I am still waiting for You Tube Downloader to install and its now 30 mins.

On my android Dell Streak, apps takes minutes, rarely over 3 mins, to install.

Oh, i have just pushed cancel on the installation of youtube downloader and my phone has restarted by itself......

igor2011 29-05-2011 07:41 PM

Hmmm, very strange. I have normal experience in apps installation except cannot update app. Installation time usually few seconds, slightly longer if it's Qt application, bacause it uses SmartInstaller wrapper. Try to reflash your phone or go to repair service

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