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poestbye 19-09-2010 08:27 PM

Yes, I am seriously considering the E7. I loved my N97 except for the small C:, but I dropped it in the sink full of water - now it is dead.
The E7 looks great. I look forward to ordering as soon as it is available.
A shame with the FM transmitter, though. Why save that cost? The buyers of an E7 can afford another 20-30 € on the price for a fully speced piece of hardware.

Nokia is the only company who does not eat you alive when you buy their products. With Android, Google get yet another detail of you life stored in their databases. They know your internet habbits, your contacts, your email, and even more for some. Now, if you have an Android phone, they also know who you are calling, what you are saying and where you are!

snoFlake 20-09-2010 10:51 AM

Big +1 for this (not so much the N97 ;) ) but for the Android/iOS spybot you pay to carry.

Think this is a big plus for Nokia and something they should start to play on. When I was reading Ewan's cheap Android vs cheap Symbian road test I'm sure one of the reasons that the battery life on the Android devices is weak is that it's very difficult to actually fully turn off the data on them (the N97 is too but that's because of multi menu's and different prog settings not because it doesn't want to do it) and basically they are always dribbling a bit of data as they try and stay in contact with the Google mothership and feed data about usage to it (this is why Google launched the OS or at least why it's worth money to them).

Wishmaker 20-09-2010 03:42 PM

You can already pre-order the thing here :

Price in pounds

Price in euros.

These prices were very close to the retail price when it came to communicators. I doubt you will save 50 euros / quid if you buy it without a bloody contract. The price is in netbook / laptop territory and compared to the competition, it makes you think twice if you wanna shell out this much.

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