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RodStrod 30-05-2003 05:07 PM

firmware upgrade
Hi folks,

I'm new to this posting lark, but checked many posts. After much reading I thought it was about time to get my 7650 firmware upgraded - 3.16 to 4.46. good move, I hear you say.....

Found the relevant NCS at CPW in local area. Phoned ahead, they had latest firmware, take a couple of hours, they said, and from reading all the other posts it would seem to be a simple job.

Before, I go back and start making a fuss, I just want to get my facts straight. As I understand, its simply reflashing the ROM with new software - therefore delete the old stuff and put on the new stuff - correct?

My phone will now be away for about 14days, as the NCS said when they tried to put the new firmware on it corruted the software, they tried twice but to no avail and as a result the phone has been rendered unusable! :evil: grrrr

Is this information correct - surely if there's a problem on my phone, then they just have to reflash the new firmware onto it - problem solved, job's a good 'un.

Any information much appreciated, before I go and have a.......quiet word at the CPW.


coolice 31-05-2003 10:31 AM

Hi There,

Blimey they have got it a bit wrong haven't they.
You are absolutely correct in everything you said, unless they have actually done something physicaly to harm the phone (dropped it, smashed it etc.) then as you say thay have the tools to fix any software problems themselves. They must have in order to be capable of preforming the upgrade in the first place.

I had mine done from 3.16 - 4.39 with no hassle what so ever, am contemplating getting it flashed to 4.47 asap just to keep up to date, again returning to the same place as they seem very helpful.
I think to be honest you have found one of those places that isn't and they do get mentioned about in these forums every now and then. Shame really as the NSC's just get a bad name for themselves.
As you say it may be worth kicking up a fuss as it shouldn't take that long. Also if it's still very new the phone perhaps it should be replaced also?

Keep us informed. Ian

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