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Hoista 27-08-2012 07:32 AM

How to make belle into a DLNA player?
Here's what I'm looking for, wondering if anyone has any ideas.

1) Connect my 808 to the TV using HDMI
2) Stream movies from my PC to my TV over wifi (DLNA) using the 808 as the DLNA player.

Are there any solutions out there that lets me do that?

ysith 27-08-2012 05:31 PM

I have been looking for this as well, but have not found a solution yet. At the moment I have myExplorer installed, which allows me to browse to my computer, I then click on a video file and it copies the file to the phone then plays it, not ideal but takes about 2-3 mins to copy a tv show episode, probably take much longer for a HD movie.

Connecting it to a TV brings up the big screen app anyway, so even if a DLNA player app is released I don't think you will be able to access it while connected via HDMI.

smcmanus 28-08-2012 12:11 PM

Hello there Guys.

I would have answered earlier but I thought you guys were kidding. :) I've been using it forever.

The App for HDMI cable use is below and there are 2 versions in the Nokia Store not sure why.
Big Screen
Big Screen Again
and for the DLNA part use Nokia Play To

They are both made by nokia and in my opinion are a must have :)

seki 28-08-2012 10:22 PM

in the past
there was Telexy SymNC .. which let you attach to network shares .. it hasn't been updated to support Anna or Belle ..

That would have allowed you to do what you want .. which is to connect your phone to a network share and then play the content of that share to the Big Screen or via DLNA ..

You are probably better off getting an HDMI cable for your TV and playing directly from the PC .. or get a DLNA dongle for the TV .. there are plenty of cheaper ones available.

Good Luck!

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