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Nigma 16-01-2007 11:01 AM

Shedding some light on Nokia N80ie and VoIP
I see that people are have different issues with getting VoIP to work. Where a service provider works with person A and not with person B. Works at home but not at work etc.
The issues are pretty much down to the fact the phone is connecting behind a router/firewall.
There is something called STUN which helps VoIP clients traverse NAT firewalls and routers and helps solve this problem in many cases.

However.... Nokia..... the kind people that they are, have disabled the user to manually enter STUN/NAT traversal settings into the phone.
The only way you can get these addition settings is to get them from the VoIP service provider in the form of a) SMS OTA client provisioning or b) A settings .sis file provided by the VoIP provider.
This will explain why Gizmo connects better than sipgate, in my experience.

Why Nokia have disabled the user to enter STUN settings, I don't know. It probably because they can somehow make money from licensing the Client provisioning software to the VoIP service providers.

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