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loftlex 15-03-2010 07:19 PM

Advice please :)
Hi, i am new to this forum, so sorry for the bluntness but..

I have been given a couple of back up phones from a friend, i have been given a N73 and two N70's

as far as i can tell they are unlocked,, as they are T mobile branded, but they work with a Virgin pay as you go sim..

bMy problem is i am on the 3 Network, and they will not work with either a 3 contract sim or a 3 pay as you go sim...

Do i have to pay to get these old back up handsets to work on the 3 network or is there a simple fix that i do not know about,,

there is lots of information about unlocking these handsets on the net,, and programs you can download,, but nothing seems to be able to sort this problem out, might just send them to envorophone,, lol

any help or advice will be great

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