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deebr 18-05-2009 04:18 PM

N96 v20.x firmware & active standby calendar entries
Has anyone else seen this? I upgraded my N96 to firmware v20.x at the weekend, and I'm having a problem with the calendar entries displayed on the active standby screen. Previously, I could see the time, description and location for the calendar entries displayed, now I can just see the time and location, with no description. Pretty useless for me. I'm fairly sure you can't configure the way calendar entries are displayed (although who knows what lurks in the menu labyrinth). Any ideas?

warmth 19-05-2009 05:09 AM

yes... it's kinda bad we can't configure what we want to display there... now is very difficult to see what is in there when the place have a long name... and when you have 2 or more task pending but late... so you won't be able to see what more you have for that day... cause it only display two events... :(

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