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helpmepls_N73 13-07-2011 05:14 PM

Files not showing on Memory card N73
My phone said "memory full, delete some data"

Ever since, all my tracks bar 3 are not showing on the memory card, neither are about 90% of my sound, image and video files.

Basically, my memory card is only showing a very small number of files and the rest I cannot access. Phone is N73 that caused this. Memory card is Mini SD.

Ive used data cable and is still the case on the laptop, also tried memory card reader. Still exactly the same only showing small number of actual files. I can see the folder names however it says empty. But in properties it still reconises the fact that that 1.9GB is used of 2.0GB. However I can only access about 100MB of those files.

Any help appreciated as I have very valuable files such as images and videos.

N/A 14-07-2011 09:01 AM

Copy the valuable files/images/videos to your PC.

Reformat the memory card. Copy the valuable content back, if you still need it on the phone.

Check also installed applications (reformatting the memory card, requires reinstallation of apps installed on the memory card), whether you've switched messaging memory to the memory card (if you have lots of messages, or big messages such as MMS messages, that'll consume space).

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