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kompai 08-11-2008 12:23 AM

Recovery calendar file
Hi all.

I have a N95 8Gb
I erased the flash and the memory (the internal 8Gb) (with a complet reset), and i would like recover the calendar and contacts.
I tried with a recovery soft about the memory (the 8Gb) but it only works about the 8G memory. And i donīt know what is the calendar file.

Could someone tell me what and where is the calendar and contact files (name and path on Symbian?
And in the other hand, if the data were in the flash of the phone, how could I recovery it? i tried with typical uneraser but it only works in the 8G memory.

To be more precise: where are the calendar and the contact data base located? And is there any soft in Symbian to recovery files in the internal flash?

Many thanks....

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