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Raven 30-07-2003 10:09 PM

[New] Symmetric Dog Productions releases Personal Jotter
Personal Jotter is a tool for enhancing input of text on the P800. Over time Personal Jotter will automatically learn your vocabulary and it will suggest completions while you write. This makes Personal Jotter a fast editor for writing e-mail or SMS or other texts. With experience and with a growing database of vocabulary, Personal Jotter can make you significantly faster when writing.

Overview of Features in version 1.0:

* Self-learning suggestion system that suggests word completions while you write. Suggestion can be selected from a list that is alphanumerically ordered or from a list that is ordered by frequency of usage.

* The editor features Copy, Cut and Paste

* Undo and Redo up to 16 steps.

* Possibility to define your own templates for easy entry of things than you tend to write often.

* Saving and loading of the text files.

* Copy text buffer and go directly to the messenger application via a shortcuts.

* The P800-emoticons can be accessed from a list.
From start the database is empty. The more you use Personal Jotter the better it gets.

Changes in version 1.01:

Some of the shortcuts for launching applications had to be removed from the application since they could corrupt some of the internal p800 databases. The most useful one, the messenger shortcut, is still there and should be safe to use.

Purchase or download the Trial of Personal Jotter from Handango.

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