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ferraritm 28-07-2009 03:57 PM

Categorizing the programs/softwares for N82 and E63

I have both a Nokia Nseries N82 and a Nokia Eseries E63 Symbian S60 phones. Both the N82 and E63 come with a MicroSD 4GB card, and both the phones are hacked.:redface:

I wish to categorize the programs/softwares for both my N82 and E63, examples like N82 mainly for multimedia/entertainment, or E63 for Emails and others and etc.:con?

As both my abovementioned phones are hacked and I have several programs/softwares available to be installed, I feel just too confused in categorizing the programs/softwares to be installed into each of the phone, as I feel like I am keep installing the same programs/softwares into both the N82 and E63.:con?

I am not good in organizing,, and any kind soul out there, wh also have 2 Symbian S60 phones and and have a nice list of programs/softwares installed into each of the phone and well categorized and organized?:con?

Thanks in advance.

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