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muso1563 05-11-2011 10:45 AM

I Hate the keypad on N86 is N85 or N96 interchangeable?
I like my N86, I bought it as a replacement for my N95 8gb, it was the superior 8 mp camera which attracted me to the N86, but the keypad is an absolute shocker :o it looks like a 15 year old Sony Ericson, but the keypads on the N85 and N96 look great........if it aint broken don't fix it Nokia!!!

It can be compared to putting a 1970's strip speedometer on a 21st century car, it wouldn't look right, anyway that's my rant, if the N85 or N96 keypads are not interchangeable with the N86 is there anything that has a compatible keypad? Anything would look better than what is on there, I've even considered the white replacement keypads on Ebay out of desperation so it looks different.

Also some of the globes behind the keys don't light up, I know replacement "keypads" don't have globes but I've seen replacement "button boards or pads" for the N86 on Ebay is that where the globes are housed?

thanks in advance :)

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