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6six6 19-02-2008 03:40 PM

what are the best WIFI applications
Hi to all,

i wanted to know what are the best WIFI applications to have on the N80

i live in a small town, and most of all the places are giving free WIFI unlimited.

i have on my phone google maps and thats is so good.

i have the N80 internet edition.

any one here know how to use the free phone call system on the N80 I.E.

as i dont have the book, i updated my firmware

so whats you best WIFI on your phone how do you use it

thank you

uchi 24-02-2008 04:48 PM

yup free anything is gud

there is a whole tutorial on youtube about internet calls

its either / or \
im not sure about it
but it takes u to a comunity or something
in the search bar type
n80 truphone tutorial
there will be a video named
there are newer truphone videos
click and watch it
its a really gud tutorial

kontraband 26-02-2008 10:13 AM

yeah,t ruphone/sipgate/gizmo... plenty of choice..

theres also joikuspot... review on AAS
theres a sticky in the N95 forum about good apps... probably N80 will work with most wifi apps.

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