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uvaoao00 26-04-2013 07:17 PM

A net friend realizes
The desire knows that the soldier of in this world knife robs, but listens to a Tu Men midnight voice.Don't only put blame on oneselfs much the disease, disaster is horizontal to living, sees more violent death under your knife of have again how much?Requite an agency Sunday evening, have no thought to prepare ground, I sit of the rent fiercely crash into an anterior car, my forehead bumps in protecting and blocking and bumped a just right of green pack of, that a moment really fears want to cry, the head is also very painful.A mind is come out right away, luckily I put to living in the morning, Amitabha!Two drivers get off to fight, I don't dare to sit a rent again and went home by bus.Sit in the Buddhist temple, fall calm, the skin of head is a burst ofly painful, think that oneself passes by to often bump fish on the pond and bumps to faint or bumps dead and is the same as the Qu of flesh and blood, the head of fish should have much painful!Own offense Zhang have much deep!The desire knows the soldier of in this world knife robs, but listens to a Tu Men midnight voice, don't only put blame on oneselfs much disease, disaster Be horizontal to living, see more violent death the myriad living things under your knife to have again how much?Say, the whole precious medium, the life is the most precious;In the whole offense industries, kill live creatures offense the most heavy.Continuously kill live creatures, the myriad living things can never keep off pain and sufferings of disease and war.Today knocks down, bumped a pack, I thought by myself, is also released to ease an offense industry, grave crime lightly report, eliminated oneself's some offense Zhang!Is really worth to rejoice!These several days, usually touch a head up of green pack of, with oneself of Jing Jie.Not and falsely, disaster blessing is all own behavior accomplishes of!Oneself the Jiao was wildly arrogant in the past, circumstances well always felt is oneself the cleverness was able, circumstances not good always don't well put blame on environment, the other people weren't good, never wanted do-it-yourself how much not good behavior, not clear cause and effect, wanted really now to is very ashamed.The Ze expected teacher to come to Chengdu.Sunday morning, teacher and more than ten senior a cake ofs go to lake in Lung-chuan to release.Morning sky is still a Yin of, the bise leads a clock till 10:00 repeatedly, the sky opened for the Jing.Read 《aquatic animals 》 instrument track for them, put them into lake.Many seniors are all wreathed in smiles, the mood is specially good.I take part in to release each time, sky always Jing of, give first-aid to living to work properly, let pain and sufferings that they keep off to die and fear, even feeling gods is very happy.Put this time of, is all loaches.Release recently, mostly loach and Huang Shan, die the most horrifyingly while being killed because of them, the loach is shorn a head by the scissors, the loach head of a heap of a heap of, the Hou is all still sending out a beusually llowing of weak Ji Ji voice while sweeping of;Huang Shan more miserably, drive a make the sharp knife arriving the tail from the beginning Gua, Huang Shans are always painful none exception the ground distort into one regiment.If a person is lived ground to shear bottom, lived ground to have to from the beginning open a bowel Pou belly, doing not know should be how painful, how fear, how hate?The certain hair wished and revenged when he died.However throw born Huang Shan, the this present life is to make a weak, hurl living behavior, the this present life made strong, people thoughts of to satisfy his/her own mouth, thoughts of delicious, basically attend to not ascend their pain and sufferings, out of hearing their bellow.I was very cruel, kept a cat in the past, for making the cat feeling delicious, I always lived loach ground to pour into boiled water and smell flavor and even still taste to taste.I also usually live Gua fish, the fish is usually painful to a burst ofly convulse while pulling its heart, although sometimes also feeling cant not bear to, soon forgot, thoughts of to live fish delicious!Afterwards feel and improve for a while, picked up fish to fiercely bump on the pond, the fish fainted or died and came to Gua again.Think of now.Oneself is really to have no clear myriad living things, the offense Zhang is deeply heavy, for the sake of the joy of the momentary stomach, is how much myriad living things made pain and sufferings, for oneself build next how much suffer hardship of because of!The Buddhist sutra says that releasing is to give to charity for myriad living things making 3 kinds.One BE, there is a feeling myriad living things all there being Buddha nature, say prayer to Buddha number for them before releasing, say to convert to, make them able to hear, become Buddha to sow for their future a life times seed because of ground, this is method.Two is fearless, make they kept off to die of be afraid and terrible, this is fearless.Three is a wealth to give to charity and pay to put them and train their oneselfs to keep off the heart of illiberality, this gives to charity for wealth.Wish all method boundaries myriad living things, can hear to execute, keep off pain and sufferings of livinging the chronic illness dead, always break feeling to recruit painful it because of, the certificate gets a highest Buddha way.Amitabha!



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