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Tsubasa 20-12-2009 10:55 PM

i8910 Java Games, Front Camera and PDF Reader
Hey everyone,

Is there a way to improve the Java game speed on the Omnia HD? The Java games (e.g. Bejeweled) are extemely slow whilest the rest of the phone is quite quick to taps and touches.

Also is there an application to take pictures using the front camera? It was much simpliar on the Nokia 95, etc so shouldn't be too complicated I don't think.

Lastly is there a better PDF reader than Adobe? It works fine for general ebooks but for large image intensive magazines it takes ages to load the pages.

waxup 03-02-2010 01:15 PM

The full version of the Adobe PDF ($) will allow you to use fullscreen, however I'm not sure if this will help with the images.

In response to your question about the front camera, yes you can use it however I don't see why you would want to when you have an 8Meg cam on the back.

Anyways, Type in code *#0*# on the telephone number pad and click on cif cam and then tap the screen to take a picture.

BTW, a quick google search will bring up other codes as well.

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