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DavH 05-02-2012 06:41 PM

Can I download files with N97 mini?
Hi there I am new to this forum and new to symbian phones. I have a second hand phone N97mini. I updated the suite on my Pc and hopefully its on my phone the same from the sync. How do I download a PDF from my desktop to my phone. I cannot seem to figure it out from the N97 mini online manual or work out if the suite is telling me it could do this. Basically the question is - How do i download a PDF from my desktop to my phone ? Also the abode reader on my phone claims I must purchase and updated abode reader which is another question.

Is this an easy enough question ? Can someone please help as I cannot get anything from the internet that comes close to answering. So if I have tried all avenus and no one knows on your forum I will need to give up the idea of achieving this. Or can someone at least say there is no way to do it. I apprecaite there are so many people to help on the forum. No problem just hoping for an answer this time round.


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