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dez_borders 01-07-2009 10:34 AM

SnappLife app homescreen - icon sequence
Hi all,

Have any of you installed SnappLife?

Amongst other things, the snappLife home screen offers an App shortcut which displays 15 apps on-screen, with a side-swipe action to view the next 'page' of apps. The user can add & remove apps from the list very easily. However you cannot sort the app icons into a sequence that you want and as SnappLife automatically add a dozen of their own web app shortcuts to the app screen, it becomes difficult to select your favourite apps quickly and you end up having to side-swipe to the next page frequently. I have contacted the the supplier for information on this issue and will let you know their response.

Other useful functions are rolling web news feeds (from Sky News & Sky Sport) in the home screen, and 'show new texts in a pop-up' to automatically display SMS (and MMS?) and allow you to reply or 'dismiss' (mark as read) without having to open the Nokia messaging app.

The single biggest downer (for me) is that the app is expected to be loaded and running all the time and consumes over 10MB of precious RAM.

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