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DeathAbyss 10-10-2010 06:23 AM

E71 Baseband Change
I've recently gotten an E71i, and was beginning to understand how the phone works. However, since it is an E71i, I cannot use Rogers 3g; rather I'm stuck with Edge.
I scourged the internet for proper tutorials to flashing/changing baseband, but the sites I managed to find are aimed at a more experienced audience of Nokia phones.
This is actually the first Nokia phone I've used, so I have no idea what any of those popular shortforms mean, so I was hoping someone here can help me out a bit and point me to the right direction to changing the baseband suitable for Rogers 3g

PS. I actually have no idea whether I can or cannot; I've read conflicting posts regarding this topic. If someone was willing to shed some light into this topic would be greatly appreciated. =]

Thanks in advance!

Ilgaz 22-12-2010 03:14 AM

Hello, on Opera mobile 10 so I better type it short.
Setting you need is "dual mode", it ls in
main menu (press home) --> tools --> settings --> phone --> network . You should see it set to "gsm only". If it is already dual mode (or umts only), you better call your network operator. Some networks insist on "opt in" for 3g signal.
Do not make it umts only unless you are actually in umts only country like Japan. It is a reachability risk.

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