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mgoodson45 23-11-2006 04:52 PM

N95 Comments after a week use
I have been using N95 for the past week, and I must say I'm impressed with the features. Screen resolution is 240x320, however, it is very sharp and there is no blurry 3G icons like in E61.

There is an online GPS map, so I can track whereever I'm and download the map automatically over 3G or wireless. Note: Uses lots of traffic. Otherwise, GPS feature is great, I can use it in case of emergency or when hiking.

Camera and video is better than N93 at least.

Downsite: It's not a final release yet, so battery drain quite fast and some restart on use...

TV output rocks !

bras4real 23-11-2006 05:45 PM

I am thinking of swapping my N93 for the n95...But is buying the phone for mainly the 5 mill pix camera worth it? How is pic quality, acceptable?

GoodCop 23-11-2006 10:09 PM

Lovely phone...better video than N93? Sweet.

What it gets down to for me is if N93 will at all be able to somewhat benefit from FP1, like updating the web browser, for instance. If not, the N95 has another strong advantage. I hear they are at least considering it being possible. The only reason to why it wouldn't be possible (that I can see, anyway) is if Nokia used a web browser update as a lure to make present 3rd ed Nokia customers upgrade to a new phone. That would just be non ethical.

Did your pre release version have the newer web browser?

mgoodson45 24-11-2006 03:11 PM

I feel that the N93 and N95 has different market segment. For example: N93 has a swivel that allows the user to capture many angle of a scene, while N95 doesn't have one but rather a slider. N95 has GPS, Online map and N93 doesn't.

For those camera professional, I'd say N93 is the best bet albeit it has lower 3MP instead of 5MP. But what is the use of 5MP if you can't take it from the angle you wanted?

Picture quality at this point is acceptable but not the best, due to early software. This is normal at this point of stage. I'm testing more on the navigation.

I love the online map, so it doesn't matter where you are, you connect to the network and download the map from 3G network.

So for normal guy like me, I always carry my 10 MP camera with me whenever I am travelling, and my N95 is merely my phone, pda and casual/quick photo-taking device. For those with N93, you probably don't need another camera.

I know for sure with N95, I will not get lost and I can always send SMS my coordinate to anyone, so that at emergency situation, people can locate me.

Dogmann 24-11-2006 08:13 PM

Hi it certainly sounds like fun and i agree it is aimed at slightly different segments. I don't like slider phones and love the Laptop/Landscape mode of my N93 and the big tactile keypad, also i have a Holox GPS and Tom Tom 6 is built in GPS and maps is not really of value or interest. The extra couple of extra megapixels are not that important to me and must say Video playback with correctly encoded material is stunning on the N93 just needs A2DP IMO.


Orophin Anwarunya 25-11-2006 02:09 AM

FP1 cant be added to the N93 or any current 3rd gen handset. FP1 will come included in new released 3rd gen handsets ... N95, N93i (possibly), Samsung SGH-i520, LG Joy and so on.

N95 is quite more likened to the N73 as an evolution to that model. That being said, its an evolution to the S60 range as a whole and definately a step in the right direction. The N93 is still a very viable handset and you cant dismiss it even against the N95.

You can expect more hig powered deviced like this in the future from Nokia.

ajck 26-11-2006 09:16 PM

Good stuff...
Please keep posting about your experiences mgoodson45, as it is very interesting to hear first hand from someone who has such an exciting device at this early stage, you have lots of keen ears here.

I think the N95 represents a significant advance over the N93 (as does the new N93i). It is clearly superior in every way, and that is good news. The ability to view the screen at a different angle to where the camera is pointing is a very minor issue in the real world I think - you just tilt your head instead for goodness sake! Hearing that camera and DVD are better is especially encouraging.

I would be interested to know how clear movie playback and other graphics (e.g. web etc) is on a TV screen. Am I right in thinking it outputs in a higher resolution that the N95's own screen?

Also, are there any 3D graphics/games that demonstrate the 3D chip in the N95, and what is your opinion?

Thanks for the posts,

GoodCop 26-11-2006 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by ajck
I think the N95 represents a significant advance over the N93 (as does the new N93i). It is clearly superior in every way, and that is good news.

True, it is superior in most external features, but if I'm not totally wrong; the CPU, the clocked speed and the 3D chip are the same. So unless the larger system memory makes a big difference for a single app, you'll have the same impressive 3D stuff on the N93 and they'll run the same software just as theory anyway. :-)

In fact, mgoodson45, if you'd like to stop over at and run a javabench and post the score here, I'd be terribly interested in the results.

erehman 27-11-2006 04:05 AM

Can we download MP4 video shot with N95
Dear Sir,
Can you help where can I download a video shot with N95 from? Is there any site of yours where you can upload it for me? I'll be grateful.

mgoodson45 27-11-2006 07:18 PM

I'll try the JavaBench later on and post some pictures shortly. These result wouldn't matter much though, as this is an early stage and the end result may be well improved/different than at this stage.

As for the TV output, It works great. I tried to display some pictures yesterday and it basically the full screen of your TV size (mine is still 4:3). On normal screen mode (menu), it'll not be full screen. No problem with the resolution that I can see of.

I'm not aware of any graphics/games software that uses the 3D engines at this time. May be if there is one for N93, It may work for N95 too.

(exception handling happens at the start of apps and ended with some error message). Result doesn't reflect the end result, this is an early software.

mperuc 27-11-2006 08:40 PM

What about the flash is it better? Can it be comparable to sonys k800i?

GoodCop 27-11-2006 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by mgoodson45

(exception handling happens at the start of apps and ended with some error message). Result doesn't reflect the end result, this is an early software.

Thanks a mil for testing, mgoodson45, but I can't access the link since it's only available when logged in as you. Think it's possible for you to cut n' paste the results here?

BTW ran their ARM jBenchmark ACE beta software (it's available under menu "early access" when logged in), and it identified the N93 ARM11 CPU running at 319Mhz with Jazelle not enabled. It's actually the first software I've seen that identifies and displays the N93 CPU at its actual(?) speed, altough I've also heard numbers like 330Mhz before. That's probably what the N95 is running at as well.

Jules_N93 28-11-2006 12:24 AM

319Mhz =d

mgoodson45 28-11-2006 09:32 PM

JBenchmark Pro Result details
Test results
3D Rendering Quality: Z-buffer Precision 99.8%
Composite Business - LQ 757 Frames
Camera Shooting Speed Failed / Not supported
Composite CarRace - HQ Failed / Not supported
Composite Business - HQ 274 Frames
3D Rendering Quality: Sub Pixel Precision 100%
3D Rendering Quality: Bilinear Filter 99%
Chess 13
Business math 254
Audio - MP3 Failed / Not supported
Audio - MIDI Failed / Not supported
3D Rendering Quality: Trilinear Filter 96%
Business Charts 164 Frames
3D Rendering Quality: Perspective Correction 99%
Composite Business - MQ 459 Frames

HTTP specific details
WAP Profile null

JVM general
Memory 424960

JVM display
Alpha Levels 256
Color Display true
Double Buffered Screen true
Canvas Full Size 240x320
GameCanvas Full Size 240x320
Number of Colors 16777216
Canvas Size 240x235
Form Size 231x234
GameCanvas Size 240x235

JVM configuration
CLDC Version 1.1
ME Configuration CLDC-1.1
ME Profiles MIDP-2.0
ME Encoding ISO-8859-1
Platform NokiaN95/1.43.049

JVM platform
MIDP Version 2.0
ME Locale en
MSA version No

WMA Version 2.0

JVM Multimedia
AMMS Music Version false
MMAPI Version 1.1
AMMS Audio 3D true
AMMS Audio 3D Simultaneous Locations 4
AMMS Music true
AMMS Image Encoding false
AMMS Image Postprocessing false
AMMS Tuner false
AMMS Camera false
AMMS Audio Samplerates 8000 16000

M3G Dithering false
M3G Max. Spritecrop Dimension 1024
M3G Max. Texture Dimension 1024
M3G Max. Viewport Dimension 1024
M3G Perspective Correction true
M3G Max. Texture Units 2
M3G True Color false
M3G Local Camera Lighting false
M3G Mipmapping true
M3G Max. Lights 8
M3G Max. Transforms per Vertex 4
M3G Max. Viewport Height 1024
M3G Max. Viewport Width 1024
M3G Version 1.1
M3G Antialiasing true

JVM File Connection
ME FileConnection API Version 1.0
Graphics Directory file:///C:/Data/Images/Pictures/
Graphics Directory Name Graphics
Music Directory file:///C:/Data/Sounds/
Music Directory Name Tracks
Photos Directory file:///C:/Data/Images/
Photos Directory Name Images
Recordings Directory file:///C:/Data/Sounds/Digital/
Recordings Directory Name Sound clips
Storage Directory Name Private
Tones Directory file:///C:/Data/Sounds/
Tones Directory Name Tones
Videos Directory file:///C:/Data/Videos/
Videos Directory Name Video clips

ME PIM Version 1.0

SATSA Version 1.0

JVM Bluetooth
Bluetooth Connected Inquiry false
Bluetooth Connected Inquiry Scan false
Bluetooth Connected Page false
Bluetooth Connected Page Scan false
Bluetooth Master Switch false
Bluetooth Version 1.0
Obex Version N/A
Bluetooth I2Cap Receive MTU Max. 672
Bluetooth SD Trans. Max. 1
Bluetooth Connected Devices Max. 7
Bluetooth SD Attr. Retrievable Max. 65535

JVM Location
ME Location Version 1.0
Location Version 1.0

JVM Web Paser
WebParser Version 1.0

WebRpc Version 1.0

JTWI Version 1.0

SIP Version 1.0.1

ME SVG Version 1.0
SVG Base Profile tiny
SVG Version 1.1
M2G Version 1.1

ME Global Version No

JVM Content Handler
CHAPI Version 1.0

JVM Payment
Payment Version No

GoodCop 28-11-2006 10:41 PM

Thank you, that was quite interesting! Most scores are quite a bit lower than the über N93 ones found at, but almost up to par with what I get when running those benchmarks with my N93.

Basically proves they are very similar beasts at core, all glorious 5mpixel and GPS bling bling aside. :)

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