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EvilBart 10-10-2004 09:54 AM

Send SMS from computer
Hi, i was wondering if there is software available that will allow you to send SMS messages from your desktop computer (or portable)

preferably freeware

should be even better when integrated with outlook (2003) ;-)

i am able to connect my sendo over bluetooth, infrared (or cable)

can someone point me out good software that will allow this?

thanks in advance for your reply

GhostDog 10-10-2004 02:05 PM

Desktop Message might do the trick,its not freeware though.

epdm 11-10-2004 09:09 PM

Microsoft SMS sender

This is a free addon for windows XP.

If you get it to work please let us know ;-)



euphoriauk 12-10-2004 08:23 AM

Damn i dont have IR or BT on my PC to communicate with the Sendo X on this app.
Guess i'll just send SMS as normal

EvilBart 12-10-2004 02:22 PM

it works
The SMS sender from microsoft works ! (tried with Bluetooth connection)

thanks to everyone who replied in this thread !
I'll appreciate your time answering questions from others!

kind regards

mjlnyc 21-02-2005 05:29 AM

SMS Sender doesn't recognize my Nokia 6620 via Bluetooth. The instructions say to "Check that your Bluetooth PC adapter is mapped on a serial port" - how does one do this? I am using Widcomm.

bst 27-02-2005 04:53 PM

for mac osx there is "bluephone" works fine even to make calls via computer.
should work with the mac adress book.. but in my case it doesnot work..dont know why.. the option to send sms is just not highlighted..anybody an idea..

pelwell 27-02-2005 05:58 PM

No, me neither. I haven't seen anything to suggest that it works with any Series 60 phones, but I also haven't seen a categorical statement that it doesn't work with Series 60 phones. It's strange that a smartphone should have restricted capabilities compared to standard phones like the T610.

rcourtman 02-07-2007 10:57 AM

I use Nokai n73 with Bluetooth Phone elite perfectly. Best application for managing sms & calls. With extras like proximity sensor. I think its for Mac users oly though.

zebraz 09-06-2008 02:24 PM

send sms
Have any of you guys ever heard of ? It seems to send free SMS messages in the UK, but does anyone have any experience with them?

HartPD 22-06-2008 06:28 AM

Freebie SMS
Doesn't look like a very good deal to me: Small print says that the recipient pays 5 to read the message !

Copyright 2008, Standard text messages to Orange, O2 (UK), T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Guernsey, Jersey, Manx and Three are free to send, other networks cost 60p to send. For Messages sent to O2,Orange,3, Vodafone, Guernsey, Jersey, Manx and T-Mobile networks, the recipient will have the option to pay 5 to read the message. Users must be 16+, this is not a subscription service.

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