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gunj 23-07-2009 10:51 PM

N97 issues so far....any solutions?
Hello everyone

I have been using the N97 (NAM) for a couple of weeks and even after getting the latest firmware update, this is what I notice -

1. The phone is unresponsive or really slow to respond at times. It has issues switching from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa. Is it the slow Symbian OS?
2. Any homescreen widget which connects to the Internet directly including facebook and accuweather crash after sometime. I can access them through the applications menu, but tapping on their homescreen widget does not do anything. A temporary solution is to switch the phone off and on. The widgets then work for about an hour or so, but stop responding again after that.
3. Sometimes, I have to slide the side unlock switch twice to actually unlock the phone.
4. If I get a call while the phone is locked, I do not know how to reject a call without unlocking it (which comes as a slide on the screen whenever there is a call). The green and red keys on the phone can't be used to take or reject a call. They can only be used to initiate or disconnect a call. Right?
5. The speakerphone is good for hearing, but my voice cracks up when I talk on the speaker. This is what people at the other end of the call tell me.

I understand that these may not necessarily be bugs, its just that I need help in figuring these things out. Reading other posts, I noticed that other users also had similar issues.

I paid $600 for the phone with high expectations. But not sure if it would be able to meet them. This is after I already returned a defective N97 which bricked itself after a day. Don't get me wrong, the phone in many ways is pretty cool. But it needs more work. A better quality control from Nokia before shipping is really required. Nokia should align its resources behind this phone and work on making it a pleasant experience for the user, else there are plenty of other phones in the market to kick them off from their No.1 position.

Thanks in advance.

beardyweirdy 23-07-2009 11:07 PM

I'm having many similar issues, although having only updated to v11 firmware this evening I'm still hopeful of some improvement.

I can only offer a solution for one of your queries (#4) - the phone has a 'flip silent' feature built in - if the phone's ringing you can turn it face down and it will reject the call. I'm not sure if this is done using the accelerometer or the proximity sensor/light sensor - if it's the latter you may get away with placing your finger across the whole of the top area above the screen.

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