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butirog 22-03-2006 06:18 AM

N70- After installing a theme It disabled the Menu key
hi there Guys,

Well i got a problem. I just reinstalled a Spideman 2 theme on my N70. Then after installing it It somehow disabled the Menu Key on the cell.
It is trying to pull the MENU up but it just goes back on the previous screen. I tried restarting the fone but it just wont go.

For some other keys it is working. the navigator key and the lft and right function key. So somehow i really cant open my menu.
I have a Nokia 7610 and a Nokia 3230 and the theme application was installed fine with no problems.

The problem is i installed it on the phone memory so i could not disable the theme just by removing the MMC. I tried reinstalling it but it is a no go. I tried reinstalling another theme through Bluetooth but still it cant be applied since the Theme Menu could not be selected or accessed.

So if someone knows Some Shortcut keys on how to access or change the theme to the Factory installed one or make the Menu work again pls respond on this post.


PS. Any Help or suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks Guys.

thepawn 30-06-2006 11:17 AM

Maybe the theme format is not compatible with your mobile phone.:con?

checkin 30-06-2006 11:22 AM

i wanna know tht if i have voda n70 and the version is v2 and i want to upgrade the version doing so will the phone will be dead ????

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