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andreas81 29-07-2009 10:42 AM

N79 picture quality, zooming and other.
Whatsup guys.

Currently looking into smartphones, and had my eyes totally fixed on the coming e52. Though, this one having a bit of a weak camera (even though I am yet to find out how it performs), I am currently looking into the n79.

Anyway I've read that the zooming of photos in the gallery is a true pain, and I was just wondering if this has changed any with the firmware upgrades? Or is it still disastreous?

I was also wondering how the picture quality is, since like I mentioned the 5Mp camera is the main reason I'm considering it over the e52.

Any other input on the phone is also appreciated ofcourse, for instance how often you guys need to charge it?

Thanks in advance.

// Andreas

rocky99999 29-07-2009 01:53 PM


kolenkooll 13-03-2010 05:40 AM

Some good features of N79

1) The camera clarity in video mode is really good.

2) The multimedia key on the keypad is really handy.

3) The 5 MP camera is really handy as a digital camera in day light.

4) The breathing navigation wheel is really cool. J

5) The N-gage gaming with motion sensor is good.

6) With a good network provider (in terms of browsing costs) you can turn your N79 into a mini laptop.

7) WLAN is good.

8) Inbuilt FM transmitter works perfectly within 10-15 feet range.

9) Preloaded oxford dictionary with updates is good.

10) Mail client is good to keep an eye on mails.

11) Many 3rd party applications can be installed and used with ease.

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