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pckiller00 04-04-2010 03:21 AM

Unlocked Nokia E75 on ATT MMS Help

I'm in need of help from ATT guys and ppl that have a Nokia E75 and using MMS successfully.

Here's the issue, I got a Nokia E75 for my birthday, I use the phone's setup wizard and downloaded all the operator (ATT) settings to the phone. I'm able to send out large MMS msgs from the phone but I'm unable to receive large MMS msgs (Over 300KB). I contacted ATT Customer Service (CS) and they are saying its something with my phone and they don't support it and I'd need to contact Nokia CS.

I called Nokia CS and they indicated that it's a networking issue with ATT and they need to push the MMS settings to my phone from their servers via txt msg.

When a msg is sent to me that is over 300KB, my phone shows like its trying to transfer the msg but I never get it nor get an error message. I just never get the msg, anything under 300KB i can receive no problems and everything else on the phone works perfectly (Media Net, Txt Msging, Internet)

I've done 3 hard resets on the phone and still having issues, I have a Nokia E71x from ATT that of course works fine and can receive msgs of any size with no issue. I really need some help here, I don't now what to do, calling ATT CS is worthless.

I tried to suggest that I need to talk to a network tech but they will never transfer me to them, I only get the CS rep and manager talking to the techs so they say. I know someone has got to been able to use their unlocked E75 on ATT and receive large MMS messages.

I can't imagine that this wonderful smartphone can't receive MMS larger than 300KB when other unlocked phones I've had non-smartphone worked perfectly on ATT's network.

Please advise..I really want to use my E75 as my primary phone right now but can't with this MMS issue I'm having.

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