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joyeiman 05-05-2013 07:56 AM

For Sale Nokia N9 Unlocked GSM Phone
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Product Description
The Nokia N9 is an all screen swipe smartphone. Displays a 3.9" screen size that is scratch resistant ansd has 64GB internal memory.It features an 8MP camera w/ Carl Zeiss optics, free maps and navigation, Music and HD quality video with wide angle lens.

Product Details
Amazon Sales Rank: #6025 in Cell Phone Accessories
Color: Black
Brand: Nokia
Model: NK-N9
Dimensions: .50" h x 2.40" w x 4.60" l, .30 pounds
8MP camera
64GB Internal memory
Customer Reviews
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Best Nokia cell ever .. lack of apps tho
By Z. Skropanic
Great stuff:
- top-notch design -- N9 looks amazingly good (to me it looks better than newer iPhones)
- excellent manufacturing quality
- excellent phone component (better than iPhone with AT&T; I'm getting a very good reception in places where iPhone repeatedly failed with AT&T network)
- works with both AT&T and T Mobile
- superior swipe technology (also better than on Nokia Win platform too)
- integrated social networks
- 64 GB
- much more ROM for processing apps (I was running out of ROM on N8 with maybe a dozen or so themes and maybe a dozen of downloaded apps)
- excellently implemented *Dashboard* concept that shows important stuff (appointments, missed phone calls, new emails, etc)

Good stuff:
- solid camera (but N8 was better in that respect and so is newer iPhone)
- easy setup
- easy email setup if you have a GMAIL account(s) (for private Hotmail use N9's Exchange server setup and it works great since MS put the Active sync))
- WiFi has a solid range
- new Linux-based MeeGo OS is pretty good ... even excellent (but I think most people will find iOS and Android either easier or more intuitive)
- over-the-air or cloud sync works very well (and better be since Nokia is shutting down some services and N9 is incompatible with Nokia Suite)
- battery life seems to be OK (about same as an average iPhone with a few power saving enabled and the BT off)

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