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bluerex 21-02-2007 04:34 AM

Problem with NSS - Nokia 6288
Hi guys.

I have been lurking around from quite some time and have finally decided to register and post.
I have a problem using NSS. I simply cannot get it to read my phone (Nokia 6288). I also have an old 6230 and that works with NSS no problem.

I keep getting an error. The error is displayed in the lower left corner and says " Scan for product….Error!"

Also, when I initially connect the phone and press "scan for new device" the "device info" page displays that’s everything is found except the last item - ->Products Dir('products').......Not Found.

I am using the latest available version of NSS and have already tried uninstalling all Nokia software and drivers and reinstalling it all again.

Any advice/thoughts/ideas are much appreciated. Thank you all.

bbracer16valver 01-03-2007 03:15 PM

hummm sounds the same as my problem im having

today i decided to find a way round the sim lock for my 6280 by changing the product code to another (cant member which 6288 IIRC) well first time i scanned for fone it found it no problems at all.. so i entered the code and flashed it again no problem..

now went to the NSU to update it but it says it's un-reconized so i thought i would give another code a try.. now when i scan, try to flash ect the message i get is

NSS: Checking Diamond...Not found.


other errors

basically it doesnt see the phone anymore :mad: but the phone is working same as it was just NSS is playing up, i have uninstalled and reinstalled everything more than once

any ideas people google has revealed nothing :mad: :icon13:


impmammuth 23-08-2007 11:44 AM

all ok!

with the new version is all ok!

Nemesis Service Suite Beta


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