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Waxad 02-05-2012 10:07 AM

Broken glass N8. Repair causes problems...
The glass screen on my wife's N8 broke a while ago. After realizing how expensive it is to replace the glass in a shop, I decided to do it yourself. The first glass from eBay was scratched so it was returned. I bought another one from another vendor and installed it. At the same time I updated to Belle.
The problem now is that after a certain time, it is independent of phone usage, the touch screen stops working. All three buttons can be used, it is possible to take pictures and activate the application menu and so on, but to make some choices on the screen does not work. If I reboot the phone it works just fine for an indefinite period and then stops responding to screen touch again. My first thought was that the upgrade to Belle went wrong so therefore I wiped the phone and did the upgrade again, without a restore from backup, but the result is the same. My theory now is that the touch electronics stops working for some reason.

I need some help with suggestions on what to do. My suggestions are:

* Test some alternative firmware
* Replacing the glass again (!) But how do I know I get a working glass? eBay is cheap but risky.
* Contact Nokia/reseller and use guarantee. Probably won't work since I've tried to fix the phone myself.
* Buy a new / used phone.

Has anyone here experienced the same problem?


mazor 18-06-2012 11:27 PM

did you get the replacement glass by itself, or did you get it with the bezel already attached. I think the one with the bezel attached works better than the just replacement glass. the reason being something to do with the way the screen is glued down to the bezel.

As for replacing the phone, that may be a good idea, maybe it is time to take the dive and get an 808 pureview

Waxad 27-06-2012 10:10 PM

I got a new glass with the bezel already attached (just like the first glass). The new one worked like a charm!

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