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fatguy666 16-09-2007 07:25 PM

N73 - can someone explain?
On Friday night I dropped my N73 down a toilet. I was drunk. Anyway, it didn't work most of the day on Saturday but now it seems to be ok apart from it vibrates when I turn it on and takes a while to start up plus the headset icon is showing all the time even though there's nothing connected.

My main problem is, the phone no longer recognises my pay monthly o2 sim card although the sim is working fine in an old 6230i that I had. I've put a vodaphone sim card in the N73 it's working no problems.

Any idea why this is happening? (apart from the obvious it's been in a toilet!)



alanandkerrie 28-09-2007 07:20 PM

Dry phone in an open state. take apart, dry out and use dry tooth broush around all metal contacts, especially bottom of pop port and mem card membrane. vibrate upon swtiching on is normal on all new handsets, not an issue. since updating, my N73 vibrates on boot too.

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