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To member Pantoche above... I have the same model Nokia E61i as your picture from above, bought in the U.S. from one of the big online retailers a couple years ago.

It came originally with a product code of 0541667, and its keyboard layout is identical to your photo above....

However, that product code only supports/allows Nokia's 2.+ firmware for the E61, whereas later product codes allowed the upgrade to the newer 3.+ firmware.

So, I used the Nemesis software package to change my product code to 0541677. That later code allowed a successful firmware upgrade to 3.0+ And the phone has worked nicely ever since.

But similarly, while all the letter and number keys work fine and are correct, most of the blue key activated symbol keys no longer match up with the physical key assignments... So I either remember the differences or simply use the lower right "Chr" key to bring up the table that allows you to pick any available symbol.

I've tried changing the product code back in Nemesis to 0541667, but doing so doesn't seem to bring back the proper symbol key alignments....

I'd sure like to know what product code I can use to bring back the symbols layout matching the one in your photo above, since 0541667 no longer seems to do it, at least in firmware 3.+.