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To answer all the questions about Chinese and English~

I know I'm a n00b to this forum but I've noticed a lot of people here seem to be posting questions/topics relating to 7650 and 3650 in English and Chinese. I doubt half of you guys have used it so you don't realise that its not 'easy' to switch languages.

1. If you buy a Chinese version Series 60 phone, YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE LANGUAGE TO ENGLISH. There is no option whatsoever. You can however VIEW English text in SMS's, you can select English as a form of input when typing BUT you CANNOT view the system in English. Everything from profiles to help to games are ALL IN CHINESE.

As for input methods you can enter text in STROKE (where keys 1-5 are different strokes in Chinese and you build each character) or you can enter text in PINYIN (its sortof like a standardised 'romanization' of Chinese where you type in the word and then select from a list which character you are looking for). You can also select ABC and abc but there is no T9.

2. If you have an English Series 60 phone you CANNOT type in Chinese. No patches are available but I believe there may be applications one day which support it; I've already seen a program which attempts to mimick a combination of Stroke Order and T9 but I'm not sure what platform (English or Chinese) it was intended for.

I know its possible to reflash your phone and such; but this is the basic facts. I'm basing this information off my friend's Nokia 3650 (CHINESE) from Hong Kong. Hopes this helps.

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