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Symbian N series

Don't know if it's only me, but the statement seems to say that there WILL be Nseries running Symbian in the future, that Symbian^4 will be used, and as no-one has seen it yet it can hardly be argued that it won't be a good OS (I have my doubts about it competing with Android and Apple) but we really need to wait and see. As for Meego, same thing, when a finished product is available and can be used, we can judge it then. I really hope the promise is fulfilled and look forward to seeing it in action, if Nokia's developers (and the whole open source community) and resources cannot develop a world 'matching' smartphone they deserve to lose out. I don't think that they need a 'worldbeater', peoples requirements are different, and so what's good or bad or best is subjective. All I want is a fast, reliable smartphone, and preferably a Nokia one. If they can't produce the goods, then I will launch the lifeboat, but I think they deserve a chance first , maybe a last chance, but a chance !