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Well, I can't get it work at all.

But all this is beside the point. We shouldn't have to do this rebranding nonsense in the first place!

As I have mentioned elsewhere in this forum I am currently swanning around with V.10.0.010! I mean come on!!!!

Surely I should have the choice to update my phone with whatever firmware that's available? Why do I need to wait for Asian localization (or whatever) if it's not necessary or I don't require it?

By changing product codes (and invalidating warranties in the process) we are simply giving Nokia another reason not to bother hurrying up with providing people with the latest firmware updates.

This issue of broken hardware and software being issued to consumers is no longer simply restricted to the domain of pc users. We can now enjoy having broken and buggy phones, console software and hardware (Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit anyone?!) foisted upon us by companies resting safe in the knowledge that bugfixes and updates can be released sooner or later (later, yeah?) via the internet.

This has to stop.