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First, I believe the original argument was not hypothesis for Wifi benefits for the phone user, but for the lack of feature on 3g network as a detriment for the carrier. Second, how do we know the Wifi only limitation was not agreed upon by the carriers and Apple? I thought apple said themselves that they're trying to work this out btw carriers, and I don't hear a single carrier complaining about it's lack of 3G support. So, no I don't support carriers, but this argument is more about phone user benefits, disguised as carrier detriment. This sort of argument is like saying Apple "wanted" carrier exclusive availability, when it's so obvious that it's AT&T that imposed this restriction. God, bash apple for their actual faults, like crappy dev policies, not for these idiotic theories.

I've no idea how the limitation came about, and don't particularly care. In my opinion, it IS a limitation, and a strange one at that, no matter who appears to benefit (or be adversely affected, depending on your point of view).